भर्मी कम्पोष्ट Vermi compost fertilizers 25 kg | Organic Manure for Plants | Fertilizer for Home Gardening | Natural Booster for Flowering Plant

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वर्मी कम्पोस्ट उत्कृष्ट जैविक मल हो।
About this thing
1. Circulates air through Soil Advances Root Development.  Vermicompost For A wide range Of Plants 25kg Dark Gold Complete Nourishment For The Dirt Improved With Cow Urin, 100 percent Natural
2. Structure:  vermicompost for plants is produced using natural night crawler castings and is enhanced with micro organizam
3. Volume: 25 kg vermicompost, appropriate for a wide range of plants
4. Highlights: Circulates air through the soil, supportable and earth-accommodating, increments water holding limit, high natural carbon content, protected and simple to utilize
5.Why use Vermicompost: Slackens weighty soil and forestalls compaction, advances root development, increments supplements in the soil
6. Measurements: 3-4 teaspoons for a 8-inch pot. A small bunch of vermicompost can be spread on the top layer of soil for greater pots and plants

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Product Description

Offering our Vermicompost 2 KG Parcel: The Regular Remedy for Your Plants

Give your plants enough attention with our exceptional Vermicompost. Obtained from the best natural materials and delivered through a careful vermicomposting process, this 2 KG bundle is a force to be reckoned with of supplements that will change your cultivating experience.

Key Highlights:

  1. “Organic Excellence:” Our Vermicompost is created with care, and liberated from manufactured added substances or hurtful synthetics. It’s a demonstration of our obligation to give a characteristic and practical answer to your plants.
  2. “Nutrient-Rich Formula:” Loaded with fundamental supplements, catalysts, and useful microorganisms, our Vermicompost guarantees ideal soil well-being. Watch your plants flourish as they get a fair eating regimen for strong development and lively blossoms.
  3. “Improved Soil Structure:” The natural matter in our Vermicompost improves soil structure, advancing better water maintenance and waste. This establishes an optimal climate for root improvement and by and large plant essentialness.
  4. “Easy to Use:” Helpfully bundled in a 2 KG size, our Vermicompost is not difficult to deal with and apply. Integrate it into your current soil or use it as a top dressing. It’s the issue-free answer for both beginner and prepared grounds-keepers.
  5. “Multipurpose Application:” Reasonable for a great many plants, blossoms, vegetables, and spices, our Vermicompost is a flexible decision for all your cultivating needs. Whether you have a little overhang garden or a rambling lawn, this supplement-rich fertilizer is your go-to friend.

Go with the understanding decision for your plants — pick our Vermicompost 2 KG Parcel and witness the change in your nursery. Raise your planting experience with the regular goodness that The life-giving force of earth can give.

Request now and leave on an excursion towards better, more joyful plants!

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