कोको पिट Coco Peat 5kg block

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Cocopeat is a natural fiber made out of coconut husks. The extraction of coconut fiber from husks gives us this byproduct called cocopeat, which is a 100% natural growing medium.

1.”Regular Development Medium:” Complete, natural cocopeat got from coconut coir, guaranteeing a compound free climate for your plants.

2.”Ideal Dampness Balance:” Amazing water maintenance forestalls overwatering, keeping up with wonderful dampness levels for consistent plant development.

3.”Circulated air through Root Zone:” Advances sound root improvement and forestalls soil compaction through prevalent air circulation.

4.”pH Neutral:” Gives a steady groundwork and a nonpartisan pH, reasonable for a great many plants.

5.”Client Friendly:” Simple to utilize – absorb the block water for a lightweight, feathery medium prepared for preparing or blending. Ideal for supportable and bother free planting.


Product Description

Premium Cocopeat 5kg Block: The Best Developing Medium

Find the key to plentiful and flourishing plants with our Superior Cocopeat 5kg Block. Obtained from the best coconut fibers, this flexible, developing medium is an unquestionable requirement for each cultivating lover.

“Key Features:”

  1. “100% Natural:” Our cocopeat block is produced using natural coconut coir, liberated from hurtful synthetic compounds or added substances. It gives a characteristic and solid climate for your plants.
  2. “Excellent Water Retention:” The unbeatable water maintenance abilities of cocopeat guarantee ideal dampness levels for your plants, advancing consistent development and forestalling overwatering.
  3. “Aeration:” With its one-of-a-kind construction, cocopeat takes into consideration brilliant air circulation, advancing root improvement, and forestalling soil compaction. Your plants will flourish in a very much-ventilated and supplement-rich climate.
  4. “pH Neutral:” Keeping an ideal pH balance is urgent for plant wellbeing. Our Cocopeat Block is pH impartial, offering a steady and optimal starting point for many plants.
  5. “Easy to Use:” Just splash the cocopeat block in water, and watch it extend to give a lightweight, fleecy medium prepared for preparing or blending in with different substrates.
  6. “Sustainable Choice:” By picking our cocopeat block, you’re settling on an eco-accommodating decision. Coconut coir is an inexhaustible asset and our obligation to manageability lines up with your devotion to a greener planet.

“Use Tips:”

– For seed beginning, blend cocopeat with perlite for improved air circulation.

– use as an independent mode for compartment planting.

– integrate into garden beds to further develop soil structure.

Hoist your cultivating experience with the Top-notch Cocopeat 650-gram block. Request it now and give your plants enough supporting climate. Develop a flourishing nursery easily!

कोको पिटको प्रयोग गर्ने विधि

कोको पिट लाई साइज अनुसार बालटिन वा कुनै भाडामा राख्नुहोस्

त्यसपछि त्यो भाडामा पर्याप्त मात्रामा पानी (१ के.जी. लाई ४ लिटर) थप्नुहोस् ।

सुख्खा कोको पीटलाई केहि बेर पानीमा बस्न दिनुहोस् ताकि पानी सोसेर खुकुलो हुन पाओस् ।

१० मिनेट पछाडि कोको पीट चलाउनुहोस र यदि सुक्खा भाग देखिएमा पानी थप्नुहोस् ।

केहि मिनेट पछि पुन चलाउनु होस् । अझै सुख्खा जस्तो लागेमा पानी थप्नुहोस् । अब भुरभुराउदो र खुकुलो कोको पीट देख्नुभयो भने यो प्रयोगको लागि तयार छ ।

अब आवश्यकता अनुसार माटो, बालुवा, कम्पोष्ट मल तथा अन्य सामाग्री मिसाएर विरुवा रोप्नुहोस् ।



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