About Us

From Our Nursery to Your Door

Jai Kishan Nursery, Established in 1976 AD (2033BS) is more than just an online shop. We are Nepal’s One of the best Nursery or local garden center. We own and operate a large plant nursery known for high-quality plants at a low price and now we are bringing the Nursery or local garden center experience online.

We have a wide selection of flowering & non-flowering indoor and outdoor plants that are hand-grown for you, right at our farm in  Kathmandu

Why Plants Indoor 

Having plants in our homes or our offices doesn’t just look good, it also boosts our mood, makes us more productive, and cleans the air around us by absorbing toxins. We believe that every space can be made more beautiful with plants. Come, join us in our vision to make all spaces green and healthy!

We are dedicated to improving the environment and the quality of lives of our customers by providing exceptional plants with benefits attached to each of them and to establish lifetime relationships.

We Take Plants Personally

We are experts in our field. We train our employees to give our customers the most accurate information about gardening that we can. No one knows your plants better than us. We care for and nurture your plants from seeds and cuttings until they are big enough to travel to you.

We guarantee that your plants are healthy, high quality, and disease-free. Because there’s no middle man to bump up the price, we are proud to offer the highest quality plants at the lowest possible price.

More than Just Plants

We simply love plants and all the benefits they bring to us, our workplace, home, and environment. In addition to being your online plant nursery, we bring the entire garden center to you online. Now you can devote more time to the things you love, like gardening and enjoying your outdoor living space with friends and family, and less time running errands.

You can buy everything you need for your lawn and garden at jaikishannursery.com  We sell what we do best; Plants, Pots, fertilizers, Tools and gardening success.

We are Here for You

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. It’s the foundation of all we do and all we are. We have thrived in business for 4 decades because we put the customer first. We love helping our customers at our physical garden center too and just because we’re online, doesn’t mean we can’t still be there to help you as you create and grow your garden and enhance your outdoor living space.

We believe that Green is Good and is here to enable Nepalese to access plants in the easiest way possible – online! We are here to shape the future of gardening! As a team, we put great value on integrity, prompt customer service, quality, and a shared desire to help people ‘go green’.

Drop us an email at info@jaikishannursery.com and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. We look forward to hearing from you!