ग्रो ब्याग- Grow Bag Medium Size (25pcs)

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A grow bags is a growing container where plants can be grown instead of pots and planter boxes.

  1. “Premium Quality Material:”

Durable, UV-safe, and eco-accommodating develop sacks intended for ideal plant development.

  1. “Versatile Size for Any Plant:”

Medium-sized packs work out some kind of harmony, obliging different plants from spices to vegetables and blossoms.

  1. “Efficient Outflow System:”

Forestalls overwatering, guaranteeing better root advancement and limiting the gamble of root decay.

  1. “Easy to Move and Store:”

A lightweight plan takes into account simple migration, giving adaptability without compromising security.

  1. “Cost-Powerful Gardening:”

A pack of 25 developed sacks offers a financial plan accommodating arrangement, making it simple to grow your nursery for bountiful harvests.

medium size HxLxB 14x8x8 inch


Product Description

Presenting our Grow Bag Medium Size (25pcs) – Your Accomplice in Abundant Harvests!

Lift your cultivating experience with our excellent Develop Pack Medium Size set, intended to encourage ideal plant development and improve on your planting process. Made considering accuracy and solidness, these developed packs are the ideal allies for both fledgling and prepared nursery workers.

“Key Features:”

  1. “Premium Quality Material:”

Created from solid, UV-safe, and eco-accommodating material, our developed packs give an optimal climate for your plants to flourish. The tough development guarantees dependable use, making them a solid decision for your cultivating needs.

  1. “Optimal Size for Versatility:”

With a medium size that finds some kind of harmony between roomy and reasonable, these developed packs are reasonable for a large number of plants. From spices to vegetables, and blossoms, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, you can sustain a different nursery easily.

  1. “Improved Outflow System:”

Express farewell to waterlogged soil! Our developed sacks include a proficient waste framework that forestalls overwatering, advancing better root improvement and limiting the gamble of root decay. Your plants will thank you with lively development and powerful yields.

  1. “Easy to Move and Store:”

The lightweight plan of our developed packs makes them simple to move depending on the situation. Whether you’re streamlining daylight openness or adjusting your nursery design, these sacks give adaptability without settling for less solidness.

  1. “Cost-Successful Planting Solution:”

Put smartly in your planting attempts. Our developed sacks offer a savvy option in contrast to customary pots, permitting you to grow your nursery without burning through every last dollar. Develop something else for less with this spending plan cordial arrangement.

  1. “Pack of 25 for Plentiful Harvests:”

Each buy incorporates a bunch of 25 developed sacks, giving you adequate establishing space to develop a prospering nursery. It’s the ideal answer for the two novices hoping to begin little and prepared grounds-keepers increasing their tasks.

Lift your cultivating experience with our Develop Sack Medium Size set. Embrace comfort, sturdiness, and reasonableness in one bundle. Request now and witness the change of your nursery into a flourishing desert spring of plant life!


Additional Information

Dimensions 21 × 21 × 36 cm


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