Neem Oil for plants 100ml

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1.”Pure Neem Extract:” Got from the seeds of the Neem tree, our 100ml Neem Oil is a characteristic and intense answer for plant care.

2.”Normal Pest Defense:” Shield your nursery with Neem Oil’s regular vermin-repulsing properties, safeguarding plants without unsafe synthetic compounds.

3. “Contagious Protection:” Battle parasitic issues and advance plant well-being with Neem Oil’s viable antifungal properties.

4. “Supplement Rich Formula:” Enhanced with fundamental supplements, it feeds plants for hearty development and energetic foliage.

5. “Adaptable and Simple to Use:” Appropriate for different plants, our Neem Oil is not difficult to apply – weaken, shower, and watch your nursery flourish normally.


Product Description

Presenting our Neem Oil for Plants, a characteristic and strong answer for upgrading the well-being and imperativeness of your cherished green colleagues. Stuffed in a helpful 100ml jug, this exceptional Neem Oil is your go-to accomplice for keeping a flourishing nursery.

“Key Features:”

1.”100% Unadulterated Neem Extract:” Our Neem Oil is gotten from the seeds of the Neem tree (Azadirachta indica), guaranteeing an unadulterated and powerful definition that is delicate on plants yet hard on bothers.

2.”Natural Irritation Repellent:” Shield your plants from undesirable nuisances and bugs. Neem Oil goes about as a characteristic hindrance, safeguarding your nursery without the utilization of destructive synthetics.

3.”Fungal Defense:” Battle normal parasitic issues with the antifungal properties of Neem Oil. Forestall and oversee contagious diseases to keep your plants in ideal condition.

4.”Nutrient-Rich Formula:” Improved with fundamental supplements, Neem Oil sustains your plants, advancing vigorous development and dynamic foliage. It’s an all-encompassing answer for general plant prosperity.

5.”Versatile Application:” Reasonable for different plants, including blossoms, vegetables, and spices, and the sky is the limit from there. Use it as a foliar splash or soil soak to address different plant needs.

6.”Easy to Use:” The helpful 100ml container accompanies an easy-to-use spout, making application a breeze. Weaken according to guidelines and apply to your plants for powerful outcomes.

7.”Environmentally Friendly:” Embrace a manageable way to deal with planting. Our Neem Oil is harmless to the ecosystem and won’t hurt gainful bugs, guaranteeing a decent biological system in your nursery.

“Instructions to Use:”

  1. *Dilution:* Blend the suggested measure(3-5Ml for 1 Ltr) of Neem Oil with water. Allude to the guidelines on the mark for exact estimations.
  2. *Application:* Splash the weakened arrangement on the two sides of the leaves, guaranteeing careful inclusion. For soil application, adhere to the rules gave.
  3. *Regular Use:* Apply each 7-14 days or depending on the situation, particularly during the developing season, to keep up with ideal plant wellbeing.

Put resources into the prosperity of your plants with our Neem Oil for Plants 100ml. Hoist your planting experience and develop a rich, bother-free desert garden. Request now and let your nursery flourish normally.


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