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Garden Tools Set Combo 5 in 1

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About this item
1. Material: Made of iron, synthetic gloves and pruners are made of high-quality stainless steel. Metal parts are black powder coated for corrosion and rust protection.

2. The Combo Set contains one piece each- Hand Cultivator, Hand Fork, Hand Trowel, , one pair of Garden Hand Gloves, Pruner cutter.

3. Essential gardening tools for home use  with ergonomic handles for planting applications. This garden tool  combo is specially designed for comfortable use with better grip.

4. Best Gardening tool set save your time significantly since they are effective and can provide enhanced productivity while doing garden activities! Easy to use, these tools are portable with long life to provide top-notch garden experience!

5. This kit for home gardeners is designed to make gardening easy and you can get the real experience of gardening with right tools in your hand. These tools can be used for digging soil or planting, weeding and transplanting sapling while protecting your hands from soil intoxicants with the protective reusable hand gloves.The cutter is used to cut the plant stem; useful for other household purpose.


Product Description

Garden Tool Set 5 in 1 

“Improved design:” This garden set has brightly colored handles to help prevent tool loss. You’ll never have to worry about misplacing your tools again! 

“Comfortable use:” Ergonomically designed handles make for better grip and comfortable use, even during long gardening sessions. 

“Ideal for a variety of tasks:” This set includes everything you need for utting, digging, weeding, loosening soil, aerating, small potted plant cultivation, fertilization, transplanting, and more! 

“Makes the perfect gift:” Looking for a gift for the plant lover in your life? This gardening set is the perfect choice! It’s ideal for men, women, and gardeners of all ages. 


* Hand Cultivator 

* Small Trowel 

* Flower cutter 

* Garden Fork 

* Glove 


* Brightly colored handles for easy identification 

* Ergonomically designed handles for comfortable use 

* Ideal for a variety of gardening tasks 

* Makes the perfect gift for any occasion 

* Includes everything you need to get started gardening 

“Order your garden tool set today and start enjoying the outdoors!” 



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