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EM, organic waste Decomposer

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  • EM (Original WasteDecomposer) Is Rich in Beneficial Carbon Fixing Bacteria and Effective Microorganisms.
  • Itis a liquid product used to decompose organic waste, such as food scraps, yardwaste, and manure.
  • The decomposer contains a blend of natural microbes thathelp to break down the waste and convert it into nutrient-rich compost.

Product Description

  • ✅Advanced Technology:  EM  Waste Decomposer is made using cutting-edge technology that enables efficient decomposition of organic waste. It utilizes a unique formulation that accelerates the natural decomposition process, allowing you to convert organic waste into nutrient-rich compost quickly.
  • ✅Versatility: This EM waste decomposer is a versatile tool that can be used by anyone looking to reduce their organic waste. Whether you have a small home garden, a large agricultural farm, or manage waste in a commercial setting, the JBPL Waste Decomposer is suitable for all environments.
  • ✅Organic Waste Reduction: By using the EM Waste Decomposer, you can significantly reduce the amount of organic waste generated. This helps in diverting waste from landfills, promoting a more sustainable waste management system, and reducing the environmental impact of waste disposal.
  • ✅Easy to Use: The EM Waste Decomposer is designed for user convenience. Simply add the required amount of the decomposer to your organic waste, mix it well, and let nature do the rest. It does not require any complex setup or additional equipment, making it a user-friendly solution.
  • ✅Quantity and Shelf Life: Each bottle of  EM Waste Decomposer is designed to provide the optimal quantity for effective waste decomposition. The shelf life of the product ensures that it remains potent and usable for an extended period, allowing you to utilize it as needed without concerns about expiry.

Benefits of Using EM in your Garden

  • Improving root structures
  • Enhancing fertiliser inputs
  • Improving organic matter breakdown
  • Speeding up composting processes
  • Increasing soil fertility
  • Improved yields and flower bloom
  • Increased disease and pest resistance
  • Reduced odours


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