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General Potting Soil Mix- 5Kg Ready To Use

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  • potting mix is made with – 50% Garden soil +cocopeat, vermicompost, Neem cake, perlite, Bone meal, vermiculite etc.
  • Best potting mix for -Indoor, Outdoor, vegetables, and flowering plants.
  • .Good all-purpose soil for plants & growing vegetables, flowers, herbs
  • .Contains microbes that enhance the soil properties.

Product Description

  • Optimal Growing Medium: The General potting soil mix is specially designed to provide an ideal environment for plants grown in containers, ensuring they receive the necessary nutrients and aeration for healthy growth.
  • Balanced Ingredients: It consists of a balanced blend of organic materials like cocopeat and compost, as well as components like perlite and vermiculite, creating a well-rounded soil mix for plants.
  • Improved Drainage: General Potting soil mix enhances drainage, preventing waterlogged roots and reducing the risk of root rot, a common issue in container gardening.
  • Customizable for Plant Types: This mix can be customized for various plant types, such as succulents, flowers, vegetables, and indoor houseplants, allowing gardeners to meet specific plant requirements.
  • Promotes Plant Health: By providing essential nutrients and a suitable structure for root development, potting soil mix plays a crucial role in promoting robust plant health, vibrant foliage, and successful harvests in containers.

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