water Spray Bottle-500ml

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  • · Use in the garden for sprayingliquid fertilizers, pesticides, and neem oil· Canbe used to water small indoor plants· Suitablefor household and car cleaning purposes.· Lightweight and simple to use· Transparent and made with high-quality plastic

Product Description

  ADJUSTABLE SPRAY SETTINGS: spray bottle offers multiple spray settings, such as mist, stream, and shower, allowing users to adjust the spray pattern according to their watering needs. This versatility enables precise watering for delicate plants, targeted spraying for pests, and broader coverage for general watering tasks.

·         LEAK-RESISTANT DESIGN: It has a robust sealing mechanism to prevent leakage and waste of water, particularly during transport or when stored upright. A leak-resistant design not only conserves water but also maintains the integrity of the user’s surroundings, such as indoor spaces or storage areas.

·         DURABLE PVC MATERIAL: Top-notch-quality PVC material for bottle construction, ensuring durability and longevity even with frequent use. PVC offers great resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and chemicals, making it suitable for various watering tasks both indoors and outdoors while withstanding harsh environmental conditions.

·         ERGONOMIC HANDLE AND TRIGGER: spray bottle with an ergonomic handle and trigger mechanism to facilitate comfortable and effortless operation, reducing hand fatigue during prolonged use. A well-designed handle provides a secure grip, while a smooth trigger action enhances user control and precision when spraying water.

TRANSPARENT WATER LEVEL INDICATOR: A transparent section or markings on the bottle to indicate the water level accurately. This feature allows users to monitor the remaining water volume easily, enabling timely refills and preventing interruptions during watering tasks. Additionally, a transparent

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